Sharing TSM30 source

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Tue Nov 15 20:31:16 CET 2011

Martix < at> wrote:

> If you really have that sources, you can upload them on some public file 
> sharing website and post link here on mailing list.

I don't know of any public file sharing websites to which anyone can
upload anything.

> Of course, you are going to lose control over this files

What control?  What in the world makes you think that I desire some
kind of control over something that rightfully belongs in the public

> and broke some terms of service rules,


> For inspiration, there are links to leaked TI Calypso documentation 
> hosted on some leaks-friendly file sharing service: 

The PDF file links on that wiki page are to  Just
checked that site out: nice work.  I don't see an upload mechanism
anywhere, but then uploading a 500 MiB file over my 384 kbps
connection would be rather unbearable anyway.  But their main page
lists their snail mail address (in New York): that works for me, I'll
send them a copy of my archive which currently stands at 5 CDs, one of
which is that TSM30 source + development environment.  But of course
it will be up to them whether or not they are interested in adding my
contribution to their website archive.

> You don't really need to host files on your personal FTP server, if you 
> don't need to keep access logs for let's say statistics purposes, of course.

My current ancient ftpd (the one that's part of 4.3BSD-Quasijarus
running on VAX hardware - yes, VAX) has no capability for recording
access logs at all.  But it also lacks support for restarting
interrupted downloads, hence hosting really large files over a flaky
Internet connection is a non-starter.  When I finally get around to
setting up a new server on beefier hardware (I really need about 5 TiB
to host my archive comfortably), I'll use a newer ftpd under Linux,
one that support the REST command.  The newer ftpd will probably also
come with logging ability, but I'll be sure to disable it.

Speaking of that: which ftpd would you recommend?  I would like one in
which it is easy to completely disable all logging, and have high
confidence that it's really disabled, i.e., that it isn't writing any
logs anywhere, period.

But the bottom line is: I have *lots* of goodies (close to 1 TiB right
now, the 5 TiB figure above is allowing room for growth) which I believe
belong in the public domain and which I would like to share with the
whole world.  Hosting the stuff on an FTP server is the only way that
my old-fart brain can understand.  I am too handicapped to learn the
more "modern" ways of doing it like torrents and whatnot.  My only
options are FTP and sending out CD/DVD copies via snail mail.

I have already made my offer of a *FREE* CD-R copy of my archive,
including the TSM30 stuff.  Free as in no need to reimburse me for the
negligible cost of media and postage.  Just get the CD-R copy from me
and then distribute it further in whichever way you see fit.  But if
you are voluntarily declining the CD-R copy I am offering at zero
cost, how is that any of my fault?

Just for the record, I've been offering these free CD-R copies of my
archive since 2007.  I haven't been counting, but the number of copies
I've sent out so far is probably in the upper double digits.  I have
probably sent out 3 or 4 since the TSM30 CD has been added to the set.


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