Sharing TSM30 source

Martix at
Wed Nov 16 03:49:18 CET 2011

Dne 15.11.2011 20:31, Michael Sokolov napsal(a):
> Martix< at>  wrote:
>> If you really have that sources, you can upload them on some public file
>> sharing website and post link here on mailing list.
> I don't know of any public file sharing websites to which anyone can
> upload anything.
For example Rapidshare or maybe Ubuntu One on your laptop...
>> Of course, you are going to lose control over this files
> What control?  What in the world makes you think that I desire some
> kind of control over something that rightfully belongs in the public
> domain?
Ok, so let's upload it somewhere, if you belive in what you said.
>> and broke some terms of service rules,
> Whose?
That was related to file sharing services in general. They are being 
misused for sharing warez and other prohibited stuff for years, but 
theirs terms of service are just legal boilerplates.
>> For inspiration, there are links to leaked TI Calypso documentation
>> hosted on some leaks-friendly file sharing service:
> The PDF file links on that wiki page are to  Just
> checked that site out: nice work.  I don't see an upload mechanism
> anywhere, but then uploading a 500 MiB file over my 384 kbps
> connection would be rather unbearable anyway.  But their main page
> lists their snail mail address (in New York): that works for me, I'll
> send them a copy of my archive which currently stands at 5 CDs, one of
> which is that TSM30 source + development environment.  But of course
> it will be up to them whether or not they are interested in adding my
> contribution to their website archive.
I think, should work well. 500 MiB transfer over 384 kbps 
link is only ~178 minutes, so almost 3 hours. That's much faster than 
snail mail...but you have right of choise.
I'm curious, what's on the other CDs?

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