Sharing TSM30 source

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Wed Nov 16 06:57:28 CET 2011

Martix < at> wrote:

> For example Rapidshare or maybe Ubuntu One on your laptop...

The Ubuntu laptop isn't mine, it belongs to my employer du jour.
Because it's too much like Weendoze, I refuse to personally own a
Ubuntu machine.  Learning how to use Ubuntu One isn't very appealing
to me.

> Ok, so let's upload it somewhere, if you belive in what you said.

Give me the hostname, username and password for an FTP server to which
I can upload it, and I'll promptly do so.  Needs to be FTP: I am too
old and mentally handicapped to learn more modern means.  I can only
do uploads with the plain old command line ftp client.

> That was related to file sharing services in general. They are being 
> misused for sharing warez and other prohibited stuff for years, but 
> theirs terms of service are just legal boilerplates.

That's why I operate my own FTP and other servers instead.  I and my
servers and services are in a TOS-free zone.

> I think, should work well.

As I've already promised, I'm going to send them a copy of my CD-R
set.  I'll do it as soon as I get back to my facility, which will be
some time later this week: right now I'm over 100 km away, working for
a paying client so I can feed my family.

But I still don't understand why you yourself aren't willing to
request a CD-R copy from me.  Why don't you just get the CD-R copy
from me (send me a snail mail addr off-list), and when it arrives in a
few days, upload it to whatever more-modern-than-FTP file sharing
service you like?  Waiting for some volunteer archivist at Cryptome to
look at my CDs, figure out what's there and add it to their site will
probably take longer, and that assumes that they are interested in
hosting such subject matter in the first place.

> 500 MiB transfer over 384 kbps 
> link is only ~178 minutes, so almost 3 hours. That's much faster than 
> snail mail...but you have right of choise.

I haven't found an upload mechanism on  A more direct
pointer maybe?  But see above about me needing FTP.

> I'm curious, what's on the other CDs?

CDs 1 through 3 are a snapshot of what's on my FTP server
ifctfvax.Harhan.ORG: you are welcome to look there for yourself and
see what's there.  CD 4 is some oversize stuff that would make my
ancient VAX FTP server croak: DEC VAX standards 032 and 057 (scanned
from dead-tree media, hence huge), the full Adobe Type Library, some
other stuff I don't remember off the top of my head.  CD 5 is the most
recent addition: TSM30 source code and Windows development environment.

I badly need to set up a new FTP server with bigger disks and a newer
ftpd that supports REST, so that I can put *everything* I have online.
But I can't stomach PC hardware, at least not in my machine room: I'm
OK with x86 laptops and *maybe* desktop workstations, but an x86
server is a no-no for me.  Fortunately I've got some UltraSPARCs
(donated by my previous employer du jour), they satisfy my non-x86
requirement and they can run Bobware, a port of Slackware to SPARC.
But I still need to figure out what I want to use for the main
storage subsystem.  Thinking of a standalone NAS box, or maybe a
storage array attached via FibreChannel.  The UltraSPARCs have PCI
slots, and I have a FibreChannel HBA, also donated by the same
employer du jour.  But I don't know how good the Linux support is.


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