Sharing TSM30 source

Martix at
Wed Nov 16 10:27:01 CET 2011

Dne 16.11.2011 06:57, Michael Sokolov napsal(a):
> Martix< at>  wrote:
>> Ok, so let's upload it somewhere, if you belive in what you said.
> Give me the hostname, username and password for an FTP server to which
> I can upload it, and I'll promptly do so.  Needs to be FTP: I am too
> old and mentally handicapped to learn more modern means.  I can only
> do uploads with the plain old command line ftp client.
Sorry, I don't have any suitable FTP server.
>> I think, should work well.
> As I've already promised, I'm going to send them a copy of my CD-R
> set.  I'll do it as soon as I get back to my facility, which will be
> some time later this week: right now I'm over 100 km away, working for
> a paying client so I can feed my family.
> But I still don't understand why you yourself aren't willing to
> request a CD-R copy from me.  Why don't you just get the CD-R copy
> from me (send me a snail mail addr off-list), and when it arrives in a
> few days, upload it to whatever more-modern-than-FTP file sharing
> service you like?  Waiting for some volunteer archivist at Cryptome to
> look at my CDs, figure out what's there and add it to their site will
> probably take longer, and that assumes that they are interested in
> hosting such subject matter in the first place.
Ok, no need to hurry. Openmoko community waited for more than three 
years for full open access to whole GTA02 internals, we can wait another 

Now we have access to full documentation for TI Calypso and SMedia Glamo 
and GSM firmware is on the way. We have opportunity to study and fix it.
What remains closed are GPS, Wi-Fi and probably Bluetooth firmwares and 
low-level registry documentation.

Anyway thanks for your "archaeological" research and sharing the results 
with Openmoko community.

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