Sharing TSM30 source

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Tue Nov 22 18:23:38 CET 2011

Hello Openmoko community,

I am happy to announce that the archivists at have added
my contribution of the TSM30 source to their website collection:

The content inside is exactly the same as what I have, they have
merely repackaged it from ISO to 7z format to make it more compact.

The actual TSM30 firmware source (for both processors, i.e., both the
Calypso and the TSM30's unknown other processor) is fully contained in
the file inside the 7z.  The rest is the Windows
development environment with which one can actually recompile the
beastie.  Unfortunately the latter is *not* simply ARM gcc/binutils
under Cygwin, it appears to be some proprietary compiler toolchain
native to the Windows culture.  The build process is driven by DOS
*.bat files, which then invoke some Windows version of make.  The
makefiles for the latter (usually of the *.mak form, DOS/Win-style)
are mostly autogenerated from some IDE rather than human-written, and
can be quite difficult to human-parse in some places.

I haven't actually tested if that Windows dev env can fully recompile
the source into flashable fw images.  No Windows machines here, and no
time to mess with wine or virtual machines or whatever.  And even if
it does successfully rebuild an fw image for the TSM30, what are we
going to do with it?  We want something that can run on GTA02 hw, not
TSM30 hw, or at least I do...

Making that TSM30 code truly useful would practically require porting
it from TSM30 hw to some more reasonable Calypso phone platform, such
as GTA02 or one of those really basic Calypso phones that OsmocomBB
folks are hacking on, and converting the build process to the standard
free software way while at it.  However, that is much easier said than

Given that this TSM30 src has originally been leaked and publicly
posted back in 2004 (I assume that's well before Om) and has been on
various mirror sites for years before various FUD forces had reduced
it to a hard-to-find status, I assume that many people, including some
here, have had copies of it, had been familiar with it and had studied
the code extensively (out of sheer curiosity if nothing else) for
quite some time, much longer than I have.

Now that the booty is once again publicly available from a well-
publicized location that is resistant to non-court-order-backed
FUD-style takedown requests and we can discuss it in an open manner,
perhaps someone who has been looking at this code for far longer than
I have can post some comments regarding its overall architecture, some
knowledge that would be helpful to those who might want to attempt
porting it from TSM30 to GTA02?


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