what do I install now?

robin spielraum at web.de
Sat Nov 26 12:24:59 CET 2011

Matthias Apitz <guru <at> unixarea.de> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm thinking in a fresh install of my FR GTA02 (at the moment
> Om2008.9); what I would need at least are:
> - GPS && OpenstreetMap (tango)
> - TCP over USB and SSH into the FR
> - Terminal with Stardict
> - PIM, SMS, call
> - X11vnc server
> Any recommendation for a distribution I should install?
> Btw: I own another GTA02 with Android installed on. I feel that it
> reacts much faster on the screen while moving around through the
> applications or menus. How they do this, as well with X11?
> Thanks
> 	matthias

Hi Matthias,

in my opinion qtmoko is the most stable one. the only major drawback is the 
keyboard in my opinion, but I have seen that radek has been working on a big 
landscape keyboard for sms, so there may be a (early) Xmas gift from him. 
Regarding the keyboard I found android a bit slow (otherwise the most polished 
software for the freerunner with the best navit default setups). shr-core seems 
to be advancing quickly and has most of the "standard" linux apps one may know 
from one's desktop though I have the feeling the libraries are changing so 
quickly that very often stuff gets broken which is necessary for a daily phone. 
In my opinion the predictive keyboard is great though, and having that in a 
landscape enlarged version would be great.
Regarding PIM applications I haven't found a single one which would actually 
allow for easy syncing with the desktop. Shuffle on android is a great getting 
things done app and anki flashcard learning has also got me stuck at least with 
one partition on android.
the problem I as a very "semi-skilled" programmer have with all of the 
distributions is that I haven't yet found any straight forward tutorials on how 
to create little apps/eg front ends for command line calls or so, so developing 
is out of range for me.

best regards


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