what do I install now?

Ben Thompson ben.thompson at yandex.ru
Sat Nov 26 15:52:03 CET 2011

Hi Robin

26.11.2011, 11:24, "robin" <spielraum at web.de>:
> the problem I as a very "semi-skilled" programmer have with all of the
> distributions is that I haven't yet found any straight forward tutorials on how
> to create little apps/eg front ends for command line calls or so, so developing
> is out of range for me.

A while ago I began a very simple tutorial on how to write a "hello world" app for the
SHR wiki :-

Someone else then added a some very handy info about connecting to FSO. The
idea was to show how to get started with Vala which should be easy to pick up for
people with a little knowledge of Java.


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