[SHR] Spanish keyboard

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sat Nov 26 17:15:47 CET 2011


I have now installed SHR in my 2nd FR and I'm investigating it...

In the Om2008.9 I created my own Spanish.kbd file and after learning
that it is in SHR now to be placed below


it comes up fine, i.e. I can togglle to it and it shows my Spanish
keypad for ñáéíó... fine. But the xterminal does not understand the chars
and only shows a ?-sign. The same is true for the German Umlauts in the
kbd file Numbers.kbd from SHR, and the file type for those kbd files

# file *.kbd
Default.kbd:  ASCII English text
Numbers.kbd:  UTF-8 Unicode English text
Spanish.kbd:  UTF-8 Unicode English text
Terminal.kbd: ASCII English text

i.e. mine and the Numbers.kbd have UTF-8 definitions like:

key  45    0  30  30
  normal   ¿  "¿"
key  75    0  30  30
  normal   á  "á"
  capslock    Á  "Á"

which let me think that just the xterm is not UTF-8 ready. Is there
another one for SHR?

Btw: Where to ask such SHR questions, here or is there another list for
it? Thanks

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