[qtmoko] Alsa scenarios - Where do they come from ?

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann mok at mnet-online.de
Wed Nov 30 08:25:06 CET 2011

On Tue, 29 Nov 2011, Gilles Filippini wrote:

> Hi,

> Quoting debian_rootfs_howto from qtmoko v35:
> >* Unpack alsa scenarios to /usr/share/openmoko - you can find these
> >  files in any openmoko distro.

> But these files in qtmoko are significantly different - including
> control names - from those in
> <http://svnweb.openmoko.org/trunk/src/target/audio/om-gta02> which don't
> work at all with qtmoko.

> How does it come?

Names changed with newer kernels which rendered older statefiles

> Thanks in advance,

> _g.

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann
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