MCNavi 0.3.1 released

Mike Crash mike at
Fri Sep 2 23:53:56 CEST 2011


after long hard work new version of MCNavi is here. There is a lot of
changes, some functionality was removed (like tourist routes - will reappear
in future in better way) due to many code changes, change in map format,
change in converter, but more functionality was added. For example there is
possibility to save bookmarks, save and load route (can be opened as
standard GPX), save and load track logs, has faster routing, can show simple
itinerary etc. For more information go to [1].

This is still beta, not all is done and some functionality may not work as
expected. Currently I'm using it actively in car and on bike and it works
quite good fro me. Currently only map of Czech republic can be downloaded,
next version will add turn restrictions and (hope) stabilize map format for
all 0.3.x versions. After that, more countries will be available for
download (or on demand).

I have released previous public version more than one year ago, but I wanted
to release something usable, therefore the huge delay.

Currently only Debian version can be installed out of the box, needs fso-gps
and edje, but works with new libgps also. But you have to compile it


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