[QtMoko] landscape mode under QX

Francesco De Vita fdvjoif at vodafone.it
Mon Sep 12 14:45:02 CEST 2011

Hi list!
I'm trying to use some applications under QX in landscape mode (screen
rotated, in 640x480 mode). Using xglamo the rotation is unpracticable
because the screen become splitted in four areas full of graphic artifacts.
Using xserver-xorg-video-glamo instead, using the fullscreen mode (qx
settings) I get a rotated screen but in 480x480 like size (with the right
part of the rotated screen completely black but reachable with the cursor)
or using matchbox a correctly rotated screen in 640x480. But in both cases
the touchscreen axes is flipped of 90 degrees: if i move the stylus on the
screen along the longitudinal axis I see the cursor moving along the
transversal axis and viceversa.
Currently I'm trying to rotate the screen in xterm using or the "rotate
screen" option under QX settings or typing in xterm "xrandr -o 1" ("xrandr
--output LCD --rotate left" seems to not work).
So, I would like to know:
- how to have under QX a correctly rotated screen in landscape mode, maybe
in fullscreen without matchbox;
- how to correct the rotation of the touchscreen axes;
Thank you!

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