[Debian] Preinstalled minimal image available for Neo FreeRunner

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 08:55:00 CEST 2011

2011/9/20 Aditya Gandhi <aditya.g8 at gmail.com>:
> Hi I have installed your image and have given the commands via ssh
>  apt-get install foxtrotgps gpsd navit omhacks monav midori wicd lxterminal
> but no gui is up, how do I get it working? I do not have a sim, do I need
> it?

Like I said, "It is very much not functional as a phone
out-of-the-box, because of
the ongoing FSO1->FSO2 transition. X however starts automatically and
SSH answers, and you may work your way from there,". So, you have X
but for more you need to connect via SSH and install something

The Debian unstable repository is ongoing changes, and there is no
simple functional GUI at the moment. You can install Zhone from
experimental as instructed at
, but people reported problems with it although it starts.

Alternatives include installing a Debian stable and using Zhone there,
although if you don't have SIM Zhone is mostly about phone
functionality only anyway.

So, it is a work in progress and currently requires a lot of manual
work. My solution at the moment has been using circa Debian 6.0, Zhone
and my own dirty hack control app (https://github.com/tjyrinki/tihos),
but unfortunately I haven't done a clean install of my way that I
could share with others. Some others use for example IceWM for window
manager and launching applications like GPS.


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