Debian FSO2 debs? (was: Re: QtMoko v36)

Sander openmoko at
Fri Sep 23 12:51:19 CEST 2011

Hello Radek,

Radek Polak wrote (ao):
> QtMoko v36 is out. You can get if from here [1]. For more info check
> our homepage [2].
> This release is experimental and is based on Debian unstable (sid)
> because of stack integration. FSO does not have
> packages for Debian squeeze.

Nice! Thank you for this release. Downloading atm :-)

> Thanks everyone who helped with this realease, mainly FSO guys and
> people who package FSO for Debian.

This is FSO2, right? I can't find that in Debian:

Can one get the packages from the web somewhere?


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