NAND vs SD on GTA02

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msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG (Michael Sokolov) writes:
> Hence my question to the community: is the flash wear-out concern I've
> just outlined the primary reason for the recommendation of using SD
> instead of NAND to hold the OS/distro, or was that recommendation driven
> by some other, completely unrelated concerns? 

I personally prefer SD for these reasons:

1. "unlimited" space, and you'd need an SD anyway if you want to use
OSM and/or Debian
2. ease of maintenance: if you fucked up your config files or kernel
and can't boot, just swap it out and fix it in your laptop
3. ease of swapping distros (not applicable to me as i use only

However, the points you raised in your analisys are all valid as it's
true that glamo makes SD access slow, and that the power consumption
is a bit higher etc. It's just that it doesn't make any difference for
me :)

As to the distro development, you might want to try NFS root over USB
during the active development phase. I can also suggest looking at
OpenWrt if you want a solid plain manageable cool base for your

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