Liberated Calypso docs found

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Tue Sep 27 09:48:57 CEST 2011

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at> wrote:

> As such, this is the kind of information that is not very desireable to be
> associated with a Free Software project, because even if the developers
> had no problem publishing it, it would be very likely no distributor would
> ever like it, and even the ISPs used by SHR and others could be harassed
> until some action is done.

If I succeed in laying my hands on a forcibly liberated copy of TI's
Calypso firmware source, I would proceed as follows:

1. Acting on the authority of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the
   Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the decrees of V. I. Lenin,
   declare TI's copyright on the ware to be null and void in the USSR

2. With the starting source thus decreed uncopyrighted, start a Free
   Software project to modify and improve as we, the community see fit.

The community in the above sentence would include anyone in the world
who chooses to participate, no discrimination of any kind.  But if you
choose to exclude yourself because your moral code is incompatible with
what I have in mind here, that would be your choice and not my/our fault.

This project would be completely separate and independent from SHR and
the like.  It would be hosted on the Anarchist Software Foundation
servers which are very much used to hosting exactly this kind of projects.

This is not the first time I'm doing a Free Software / Open Source HW
project of this nature.  I have led successfully led other projects in
which I took formerly-proprietary software that had been liberated by
hard-core law-breaking / contract-breaking means, declared its copyright
etc to be null and void, and then made and released my own improvements
to it which were done just like a "normal" FOSS project in every aspect
other than licensing.


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