Liberated Calypso docs found

Alex Samorukov ml at
Thu Sep 29 08:40:45 CEST 2011

I really like statement in openbsd mantra "Shut Up and Code".

You want to get stolen sources and asking developers to break signed 
NDA. Just want to note - new/modified firmware based on stolen sources 
will cause legal problems not only for OpenMoko project but for idea of 
the free phone itself. Free != stolen. If you really want to do free gsm 
modem - just create a new sources. Like OpenMoko team did for the 
schematic of the phone. And a lot of people will join the project in 
case if you will get some success. E.g. i am ready to pay more for the 
free chip with fw sources, and i believe there are a log of peoples who 
will do the same.

P.S. And about USSR - first of all it didn't exist and in the past 
mobile phone calls where not possible at all, as in any totalitarian 
country. And yes, i beleive that copyrights are not an issue on North 
Korea but i never heard about any North Korean mobile phone :) And yes, 
most of totalitarian communities has "morally Right Thing" instead of 
rules and courts. It was never ending good.

On 09/28/2011 11:35 PM, Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli<GNUtoo at>  wrote:
>> * there was an abandoned port of nuttx, [...]
> Before we can have any meaningful discourse on the relative merits of
> various options, we first need to be on an equal footing.  Right now we
> are not.  At the present moment there exist two massive inequalities in
> the Openmoko community:
> 1. Certain long-time members of this community are holding possession of
>     some things which newcomers like me have no way of obtaining.
>     Specifically, the TSM30 source that used to be on SourceForge.  It is
>     not fair for the old-timers to be sitting on that ware and not
>     sharing with the newcomers.
> 2. I am quite certain that at least some ex-Om engineering employees
>     have taken copies of the "real" Calypso FW semi-source home with them
>     when their employment ended.  Please don't tell me they haven't,
>     everybody does that.  Almost certainly in violation of their
>     employment contract with FIC/Om - but again, *everybody* does that.
>     (If someone feels like objecting to the last statement, I change it
>     to almost everybody - there you have it.)  There is absolutely nothing
>     to be ashamed of in that, and I admit to it publicly.  But the
>     difference is that I share: if I have taken something home from a
>     past employer, and someone else emails me and says s/he wants a copy
>     of it, I readily share with that person.
> For those of you out there who are sitting on a personal copy of the
> Calypso fw source or semi-source (I *know* you are out there, very likely
> right here on this mailing list), your non-sharing is morally wrong.  If
> you are so obsessed about legalities, i.e., if you believe that it would
> be illegal for me to have that ware, I am almost certain that it's just
> as illegal for you to have it: your employment contract with FIC/Om
> almost certainly did not allow you to take it home with you after you
> are done.  So why not do the morally Right Thing and share with your
> brothers and sisters?
> If there is anyone out there reading this who accepts my moral argument,
> but is afraid of getting caught, there are plenty of ways to remain
> anonymous.  I never disclose the identify of anyone who contributes
> stuff to my public archive.  And if you don't feel like trusting me in
> that manner, there are plenty of ways you can do it such that I have no
> idea of your identify either.  For example, you could email the ware to
> msokolov2010 at from some anonymous webmail account which you
> access from a public Wifi hotspot a good distance away from where you
> live.

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