TSM30 source found!

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Thu Sep 29 10:50:03 CEST 2011

Hello again everyone,

I am pleased to announce that a very helpful comrade has pointed me to a
website containing the TSM30 source I was looking for, the same one
which I've been told had been sitting openly on SourceForge for a
whopping 5 y before being taken down.  I have downloaded the huge file
(500 MiB) and verified its integrity.


1. Per my promise and per my general practice, I will not reveal the
   identify of the comrade who has provided me with the ware;

2. Being unsure as to whose server that site is hosted on, I won't share
   the download link either.  However, my benefactor has not made any
   requests that I refrain from sharing the ware itself, hence I will
   share the big file publicly via my own server (physically housed in
   my own personal datacenter and using a domain name owned by me).

3. The 500 MiB file is far too big for my current VAX FTP server.
   Therefore, while I do intend on publishing the file via FTP, it
   won't happen immediately.  Instead it will have to wait until I set
   up a new server running on newer HW (bigger disks) and using a better
   ftpd.  Setting up that new server has been my plan for a long time
   now, I just need to get around to it.


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