TSM30 source found!

corey at bitworthy.net corey at bitworthy.net
Thu Sep 29 19:37:57 CEST 2011

On Thursday, September 29, 2011 01:45:17 PM Patryk Benderz wrote:
> Apart of legal aspects, why don't you just make it a torrent and let all
> who want to host it? This is very efficient way to spread big files over
> the net.

I'm similarly confused as to why he doesn't just send an email to
the list pointing to the url of the website from which the file is 
already being hosted:

On Thursday, September 29, 2011 08:50:03 AM Michael Sokolov wrote:
> a very helpful comrade has pointed  me to a website containing the 
> TSM30 source I was looking for

... is this some secret darknet website that only a few privileged elite
have access to or something? All that talk of "Bad Guys" withholding
information earlier... and now... you're witholding information and 
acting like some sort of middle-man to the source you wanted 
'liberated' so badly.

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