phranky 0.01 released

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Fri Apr 6 19:54:04 CEST 2012

What is phranky?

phranky is a phone/SMS application written from scratch in c.
the gui uses Xlib.

What can you do with phranky?
* Start a phonecall
* Receive a phonecall
* Send a textmessage
* Receive a textmessage

What does it look like?
check out the video at [1]

Why phranky?
For most of the features of the GTA02 there is already good software.
gpsd for the gps, bluez for bluetooth, pppd for gprs, wpa_supplicant for
wifi, and alsa for the soundcard.
the only thing missing was a simple phone application to handle
phonecalls or
text messages.
So inspired by the great work of the FSO team and gsmd, i decided to
write a simple dialer/sms handler, with just a few commands and signals.
i tried to have as little dependencies as possible
(no dbus, framework,GTK etc).

What is used?
Phranky consists of 4 individual programs,
one for handling phone calls, 
one for handling textmessages,
one for talking to the modem and 
one for notifying the user of important events.
(incoming phonecall or incoming textmessage)

the programs are reading commands from stdin and printing responses on
this makes it easy to use a script to read or write a text message
or answer/start a phonecall.
it needs an X server for the notifications and the menu,
without a window manager or with a scaling WM like matchbox.

More information and the download page are at

Happy /Easter everybody/,


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