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Wed Apr 11 15:09:03 CEST 2012

El día Wednesday, April 11, 2012 a las 02:47:34PM +0200, Radek Polak escribió:

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> >
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> > I'd like to have a general understanding and in detail how the
> > gsmhandset (...) files are used in the FR, for example in the SHR
> > distribution.
> Before you answer or make a call you do:
> 	alsactl -f gsmheadset.state restore
> and after hanging up do:
> 	alsactl -f stereoout.state restore
> I don't think there's any magic involved there...

In theory I was thinking the same; I even renamed alsactl to
alsactl.orig and created a shell wrapper /usr/sbin/alsactl which should
log the args and call alsactl.orig to do the work; nothing appeared in
my log file while doing a call....

1. How this is done exactly (in SHR) and by which piece of software?
2. The SHR GUI while calling (see
   has some sliders for Volume and Mic; and to enable the Speaker or
   mute the Mic... how do they work? Do they change 'gsmhandset' file?

Thanks for your reply in any case!

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