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Wed Apr 11 21:19:57 CEST 2012

El día Wednesday, April 11, 2012 a las 08:39:52PM +0200, Simon Busch escribió:

> > 1. How this is done exactly (in SHR) and by which piece of software?
> It's done by fsodeviced (the router_alsa plugi) or fsoaudiod and is
> initiated by libphone-ui.

Thanks; I will checkout the sources and have a look into;

> > 2. The SHR GUI while calling (see
> >    has some sliders for Volume and Mic; and to enable the Speaker or
> >    mute the Mic... how do they work? Do they change 'gsmhandset' file?
> No. The SHR UI directly adjusts the mixer settings of the ALSA sound
> card here. In /etc/phonefsod.conf or /etc/phoneuid.conf is written down
> which name this control have.

none of the two files in my SHR has any entry which could have todo with
audio or alsa (which explains somewhat that the sliders have no impact
during a call); any idea why?

(should we move this thread to shr-devel?)


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