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Denis Johnson denis.johnson at
Sat Apr 14 03:13:04 CEST 2012

I'm sorry I don't have a repair recommendation for you, however I do
have a GTA-02 A05 with buzz fix which I simply have not had time to do
much with. It was one of the first group purchases into Aus. It has
been sitting on my desk for many months uncharged waiting for some
love. Batteries might be shot being discharged for so long. Also can't
seem to power it up any more even when plugged into original wall
charger, but it was working perfectly before I let it discharge and
sit, so no reason to believe it has any issues.

I'm on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia, so if you or someone on the
list will give it a good home, then please make me a reasonable offer.
Original box, headset, charger, 2 batteries (unknown state)

regards Denis

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> Hi,
> I am in Australia and my GTA-02 A6 has a loose USB socket. Does anybody know
> anyone reputable in Australia that I might be able to send it too for
> repair? I have approached several (Brisbane Australia) repair places but
> they won't touch it.
> It is incapable of charge or ssh while the socket is loose. I believe I
> caught the problem early enough to avoid PCB damage. (if I wiggle the plug
> it will charge for a few seconds).
> Thanks
> Dave
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