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Sun Apr 22 15:39:10 CEST 2012

The phone can present itself as a usb mass storage device (thumb drive), 
so if you put an OS image on a partition on the SD card (up to 32GB), 
you could have the desktop boot from that.

On 04/22/2012 09:09 AM, Travis Bachelder wrote:
> Thanks for you input Lionel,
> Actually: What I am thinking isn't remote. More like having the operating
> system installed onto the GTA04 (outfitted with a larger hardrive of
> course). Plug the phone into a computer (via usb perhaps?) then restart
> computer to boot from the OS installed onto you slick 60 gb GTA04.
> This seems possible, the only hurdle I see is the hardware, what would it
> take to outfit a GTA04 phone with a larger hardrive?
> Thanks,
> Travis
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>> I am not a specialist and I am not sure to understand what you mean by
>> 'boot linux from any desktop', but I have been experimenting remote
>> connections lately so my results may interest you.
>> The idea of remote connection is that you boot your device normally (the
>> client), and access a remote computer (the host) once the operating system
>> is running on the client. Usually you only need a very light operating
>> system so the client machine does not need to be powerful.
>> I have been using a letux 400 (very small device, 2Gb Flash drive, rather
>> slow) as a client to connect to my home computer. Since a letux is (really)
>> not powerful, I dropped the idea of using a full remote desktop but this is
>> likely to be possible on the GTA04 (see Vino, Remmina and others for remote
>> desktop applications). Instead of that, I opened some X windows directly
>> via ssh (use the -X option when you connect with ssh, there is a bit of
>> fidling around with keys and host authoring). This technique allows you to
>> control the GUI of a host from a light remote client.
>> In final I could run some large applications (gimp, blender...) on my
>> letux and to use them just as if I was using my home computer. Only the GUI
>> of the application selected appeared on the screen.
>> I am not sure if that is what you want to do. I can give more details if
>> you need.
>> Lionel
>> On 21 April 2012 00:37, Travis Bachelder<tbachelder at>  wrote:
>>> Just so everyone knows: I am not a programmer (just a dreamer), with no
>>> grasp on reality in regards to what is feasible or not. I'll leave it to
>>> you (the community) to decide.
>>> I was thinking it would be cool if my imaginary cell phone (I also dream
>>> of one day owning one) had the capabilities to boot linux from any desktop,
>>> via USB, provided it's support. This would grant me access to large
>>> programs such as CAD software, Inventor/AutoCAD, music/movies/photos, from
>>> where ever a desktop computer was available (BIOS Mooch).
>>> I would imagine the phones would need to be outfitted with a small solid
>>> state hard drive (at least 60 gb), and it would be nice if it had the
>>> ability to share media files (music) between QTmoko and Ubuntu (maybe?).
>>> Has anyone ever fantasized about this?
>>> Is it feasible? or Possible?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Travis Bachelder
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