[qtmoko] dpkg-reconfigure locale resizes most of the fonts and no gps fix possible anymore(?)

robin spielraum at web.de
Fri Aug 24 20:09:26 CEST 2012

hi all

I wanted to have the new anki 2.0 flash cards on my GTA, but it always 
complained that it the system was not set to UTF8. In the end I succeeded by
running dpkg-reconfigure locale but since then my fonts are very large (not 
everywhere but on most screens) and this is for all themes. Also since then
I cannot get a fix for NeronGPS anymore ;-(  even though the finxi home
screen tells me that /dev/ttySAC1 has up to 9 satelites and the output seems
to show satelites as well. Same behaviour with navit.
Any help welcome as I really like the GTA02 for navigating/maps and for 
flashcard learing.


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