[qtmoko] flight mode power consumption / turning gsm back on

Benjamin Deering ben_deering at swissmail.org
Tue Aug 28 14:21:20 CEST 2012

On 08/28/2012 07:44 AM, robin wrote:
> hi ben,
> could you please give some more detail on how do you set it in woods mode?
> and does the gsm power on afterwards correctly or do you have to restart the
> phone?
> thanks
> robin
> ps: here is the link to the paper on powerconsumption of the freerunner:
> http://www.ssrg.nicta.com.au/publications/papers/Carroll_Heiser_10.pdf
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I use SHR most of the time, but the same thing should apply.  I just 
meant to change the GUI to call 'airplane mode' 'woods mode' because my 
phones go in the woods and I don't fly very much at all.  I suspect 
something is wrong with airplane mode on both qtmoko and SHR for gta04 
if airplane mode doesn't use less power.  Transmitting would be the 
biggest power draw and even if the modem remained powered up power 
consumption should drop unless it is transmitting.

On gta02, I could turn 'airplane mode' off and on and it usually 
worked.  I never spent a lot of time watching power consumption on 
gta02, but I did keep track of battery life.  On gta04, we are still 
figuring out power management and I had some charging issues so I was 
dumping 'current_now' once a second in various configurations.  A 
somewhat unrelated thing  I noticed and should report is that the 'idle 
dim' state of fsodeviced actually uses more power.  The process of 
smoothly dimming the display wakes up the CPU and by the time it settles 
back down, it is time to turn off the display anyway.

I didn't mean to steer this away from qtmoko, but I think most of the 
power related issues we are seeing are happening at a low level and 
apply to all distros.


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