How to access the modem in QtMoko

Neil Jerram neil at
Sat Dec 1 12:45:35 CET 2012

robin <spielraum at> writes:

> how do I communicate directly with the modem on /dev/ttySAC0?

I'm not sure that question makes sense.  When you're running QtMoko,
there's a component somewhere inside QtMoko whose job it is to
communicate with the modem, and it would be either impossible (because
of locking) or unwise for some other code to try to communicate with the
modem in parallel with that.

If you switch QtMoko off (/etc/init.d/qtmoko stop), then you're left
with a plain Debian squeeze system, and you can use any Debian squeeze
tools you like to communicate with /dev/ttySAC0.

> For the direct acces I tried  cu -l /dev/ttySAC0 as it is stated on the 
> openmoko wiki site but I get 'cu command not found'. does anyone know which
> package I have to install and if it is still necessary to do
> chown uucp.uucp /dev/ttySAC0 to be able to access the modem?

I don't know, but I typically investigate such questions by a
combination of 'apt-cache search <whatever>' and searching.  E.g. maybe
searching for 'modem' or 'serial' at would help.


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