How to access the modem in QtMoko

Neil Jerram neil at
Sat Dec 1 16:55:24 CET 2012

robin <spielraum at> writes:

> dear neil,
> thanks for your answer. the reason I wanted to try sending commands to the 
> modem directly is that I have problems setting up my gprs connection with
> qtmoko. Now I have found one site where
> they state the AT-commands for manual modem configuration. So I wanted to
> try those out.

Is this with a Freerunner?  Do other Freerunner users have GPRS working?
If so I'd suggest logging and comparing your log with theirs.

> be explained by your answer: there can be only one for modem access... On the
> other hand I think that the openbmap logger and cellhunter allow to scan
> your main cell and neighbour cells and allow you to make calls as well, whilst
> they run (even though they might not do their scanning during the call).

Are openbmap and cellhunter implemented yet for QtMoko?  I thought they
were implemented for FSO-based distributions only - i.e. SHR and
FSO-based Debian - and in that case the access to the modem is managed
by FSO.

> Generally speaking I would like to 
> a) turn the modem off completely if I want to do GPS tracking only to save
>    power

Yes, that would be a useful feature.

> b) scan main and neighbour cells and still be able to receive calls to bring
>    my little progress on gsm-location also to qtmoko (works kind of in
>    shr)

I think there are pieces of QtMoko that do that scanning, so the
question would be how to connect those with your work.  I'll try to look
into that a bit more.


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