QtMoko: how is long Power key press (=> shutdown/restart menu ) handled?

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Dec 2 13:39:30 CET 2012

On Sunday, December 02, 2012 12:44:31 PM Neil Jerram wrote:
> robin <spielraum at web.de> writes:
> > I quite like being able to bring the phone back from suspend with a quick
> > press on the powerbutton, checking what time it is and then sending it
> > back to suspend with another quick press on the power button (but this
> > is the standard way qtmoko does it if I am not being mistaken, or in
> > which state does qtmoko turn if I just do a quick press on the power
> > button; I thought it goes to suspend?!?).
> > As the freerunner has only two hardware buttons and the aux button is
> > reported to break sometimes, it might be a good idea to have three press
> > duration specific settings for the power button. One idea could also be
> > to have something like this as standard:
> > 
> > a) <1s     -> suspend
> > b) >1s <4s -> show shutdown/reboot dialog
> > c) >4s     -> show shutdown/reboot dialog
> > 
> > and this behaviour being read from a text config file. so anyone who
> > needs the b) slot to do something differently could just change it to
> > fit his/her needs.

I think android on Freerunner had this setup. IIRC short press was context 
menu, longer was home and very long was the power off dialog.

If someone wants to send patch for 3 states i will have no problem to commit 
it although i personally dont need this.

> My preference would be:
> a) Power key pressed -> show Home page
> b) Power key held -> show shutdown/reboot dialog
> c) Change the Star icon on the Home page so that it does what a Power
> key press currently does: i.e. it brings up a page with Favorites,
> Recent, Frequent and Running tabs, instead of just the Favorites page.
> This is because when I use the Power key, it's almost always because I
> want to go back to the Home page in order to do some new thing (while
> the application that I was in still running).
> Then we'd have:
> - for quick suspend: Power key, Lock icon
> - for Home page: Power key
> - for Favorites: Power key, Star icon
> - for running programs: Power key, Star icon, Running tab.
> Thoughts?

Yes i'd like it this way too. I am mostly doing short press and then select 
Home, so this would save few clicks.



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