How to access the modem in QtMoko

robin spielraum at
Sun Dec 2 14:06:39 CET 2012

/opt/qtmoko/bin/vsexplorer is very nice indeed. so no problem anymore in 
getting the the cell id and lac directly. Now I looked a bit into the other
values which can be returned as well. What I did not find is anything on

tav   <- timing advance / main cell only <- fixed radius from main cell in
                                            steps of 555m
rxlev <- signal strength / all cells     <- triangulation

and in general anything on how one can access the current neighbours. 

So are all the values vsexplorer provides standard qtopia values, and the ones
I am looking for are currently not implemented or did anyound (eg you radek)
write the software to get this data in addition to the standard qtopia stack?
In either case has anyone an idea if the variables I am looking for can be
implemented in qtmoko as well as it has been done with fso? personally I would
like to stick to the standard way qtmoko handles its modem and not change to 
fso as I always had much complaints in shr about the audio quality.


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