How to access the modem in QtMoko

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Mon Dec 3 09:05:55 CET 2012

On Monday, December 03, 2012 07:05:31 AM robin wrote:

> the AT commands are:
> AT%EM=2,2  Serving Cell GPRS Information
> AT%EM=2,3  Neighbour Cell Information
> but how do I pass those to the modem? or rather how do I slip those
> commands to qtmoko inbetween so I will still be able to receive calls?

I think you could try placing them e.g. after signal quality change, so 
probably somewhere here:

Maybe just output the results with qDebug(), then you can use 
"telephonyStatus" value space to set the values - the you can display them on 
homescreen - similar to how "SMSMemoryFull" works. And you will also see the 
values in vsexplorer.



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