5Hz GPS operation using the GTA04 ?

Pascal Gosselin pascal at aeroteknic.com
Sun Dec 9 21:11:14 CET 2012

The GTA02 has a pretty good GPS receiver, and the fact that it can do 
4Hz is critical to our application (Flight Data Monitoring).

Has anyone succeeded in being able to get 5Hz position updates from the 
GTA04 with either the  W2SG0004i (SiRFstarIII GPS chip) or the more 
recent GTA04 with W2SG0084i (SiRFstar IV chip ) ?

The W2SG0004i apparently uses a SIRF GSC3LTf.  According to the 
datasheet that I downloaded, the Max update rate is 1Hz which is 
terrible. I'd like to know if there are any hacks to get at least 5Hz 
(not holding my breath...).

The W2SG0084i uses the CSR/SiRF GSD4E.

I did find this regarding the W2SG0008i from 

"3.5 1 Hz updates with future 5Hz updates

The current W2SG008i uses a Sirf Star 4 Signature Series ROM 1.3 which 
supports 1 Hz updates of the messages from the satellites vehicle 
solution. In a future release of the internal ROM code version 2.0 and 
later 5 Hz updates will be supported. Contact a Wi2Wi sales office for 
future release dates."

Almost a year has gone by.... is this new firmware available for the 
W2SG0084i ?

Flight Data Monitoring using the GTA 02 (soon GTA 04)

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