5Hz GPS operation using the GTA04 ?

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> >The GTA02 has a pretty good GPS receiver, and the fact that it can do 4Hz is critical to our application (Flight Data Monitoring).
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> >I still have a couple of hundred GTA 02s that will eventually be installed in airplanes and helicopters.
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> >-Pascal
> If I may ask, what kind of activity is yours? Are you using GTA02s as a sort of airborne devices.. for what? I had a couple of ideas about airborne applications, so I'm just curious about it. Thank you.

In a typical Wi-Flight application, the GTA 02 is mounted on top of the instrument panel, on the glareshield of the aircraft. Power is a TomTom 12/24V USB and we use a simple Line-Level to Mic Level conversion circuit to capture the pilot's audio jack via the GTA 02 Mic Jack. Ambient audio is captured on a second channel, using the GTA 02's built-in microphone.

The result is a full-featured dual channel Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder that records 4Hz GPS, accelerometer data, ambient audio pitch (via aubio) for propeller RPM determination and optional Baro altitude, rate gyro and magnetometer via NavBoard V3. RS-232 and ARINC 429 could can also be collected via external USB devices.

Eventually we will have a Kalman filter to do attitude determination (such functionality is surprisingly lacking at the OS level on all smartphone platforms !!!!).

The data is stored on the SD card in various data package types. Upload is to our Cloud-based servers using Wi-Fi but we are working on some GPRS functions and of course full 5.76Mbps on the GTA 04.  Upload priority let's us analyze data as quickly as 1 minute after the aircraft shuts down.  It's all 100% automated.

See demo here (use Mozilla + Google Earth Plug-In):


Flight browser interface:


Expand the two demo flights here by clicking on the green triangle on the left.

We will soon surpass the 30,000 recorded, uploaded and analyzed flights.  This project would have been difficult to execute without such an open platform. The product was launched in July 2010 and continues to be improved (the feature request list is never-ending).

We also have an API for extracting and pushing various data to our system.  See  http://www.wi-flight.net/ for more details.  Feel free to call to discuss anytime.

tel +1 (450) 676-6299
mobile +1 (514) 298-3343

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