is my GTA02 getting old?

francesco.devita at francesco.devita at
Mon Dec 10 00:59:16 CET 2012

Hi all
I have a GTA02A7, one of those with the buzz (not bass) fix. In the last 
months things got worse, the buzz fix seems not be any more effective.
In particular, during a conversation, there are intermittent background 
noises, and they become louder and persistent when the GSM signal is low 
and/or when the battery level is low. Also, it's impossible to me to use 
the earphones, if I plug them the noises are so loud that I can't even 
hold a call.
Add to this some strange GSM/modem behaviour: whenever I get low GSM 
signal for certain time, I have to restart the Neo because I loose the 
phone functionalities (cannot send/receive calls and messages), I don't 
know why. It happens some times in the underground (metro) and often in 
trains (once I was doing a long trip, I had to restart the Neo four 
(4!!) times during it).
To date, with some patience, I use my GTA02 as a daily phone but I'm 
worrying if things get worse.
Do you think that is possible to do some hardware check/fix? ..sure I'll 
not be able to do it, I'm in Italy if someone can help.

Best regards

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