[off-topic] smartphone alternatives?

pike pike-openmoko at kw.nl
Tue Dec 18 12:26:21 CET 2012


> This geeksphone one is very interesting... I wonder if there is a newer
> android rom available (I googled a bit and it seems there is a CM7),

Yes, I'm running CM7.2.0 on the zero. There's actually a few
mods more finetuned to the device, like
> http://blog.nodo21.org/linux/android/2012/06/21/geeksphone-zero-rom-gzr-versi%C3%B3n-14

The original poster mentioned he wasnt too fond of Android.
Would certainly be interesting to see if one could install
QTMoko ! I need it as a phone tho - not going to expiriment.

The hardware seems good.  My only real problem sofar is battery
life rapidly getting shorter lately, and some random crashes.

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