[off-topic] smartphone alternatives?

francesco.devita at mailoo.org francesco.devita at mailoo.org
Wed Dec 19 17:29:49 CET 2012

In all this story the software side really puzzles me.
The thing that I love in the GTA0x is that I can use a gnu/linux distro 
on it, i.e. my (poor) desktop knowledge apply more or less on the GTA0x. 
I know where to put my hands and where to find infos and support. I'm 
free to do what I want!
But on another mobile system I'm lost, I have to learn it and maybe I 
don't want to. And who assure me that I'm free as I am on a GTA?
- may I have a shell?
- may I write a bash script?
- may I control every services on it?
- may I upgrade a single package or the entire system as I want?
- may I install a software from source?

Maybe yes, there are Android and its free fork Replicant and their SDKs 
but I have first to learn it.
Smartphones are computers, and it makes me crazy that they do not work 
(software side) EXACTLY as my pc.
IMHO it would be wonderful to have the same OS on desktop PCs and 
smarphones, maybe with different software repositories. I'm a Debian 
user and for me QtMoko is wonderful.

So, to sum it up, it makes me nervous to have a new powerful smartphone 
if I cannot do what I want. Following this thought, I think the best 
solution is to have a cheap mobile phone and a netbook/tablet with a 
gnu/linux distro on it.

Well... for now I still have my GTA02, I'll have to buy just a cheap 
phone for GSM and battery emergencies.
[ If someone could help me for the bass fix I'll be happy to use it, 
finally, also as an audio player (: ]

The recent news about the GTA04 make me happy, maybe I don't have to 
wait too long for it.


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