GTA02 power death

Dmitry Shalnoff shalnoff at
Sun Dec 23 09:15:22 CET 2012

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for answer and all hints and links!

I successfully de-solder the inductor (quick testing shows that no 
resistors shorted around... as I hope) and found some analogues on 
farnell (same package and inductance), but I'm not pretty sure 
concerning the frequency and other parameters.

 >= 2MHz is it self resonance frequency? what you think whether is it ok 
if it will be 70MHz for example?

this is components I short-listed:

could you please give a glance if you have a couple of seconds?

And just one more question (maybe to late), I didn't remove LCD before 
de-soldering and now I'm slightly worry about possible damage of it. 
Visually it's ok. What is your opinion?


On 23/12/12 07:13, Paul Fertser wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 10:38:56AM +0400, Paul Fertser wrote:
>> Dmitry Shalnoff<shalnoff at>  writes:
>>> here is HiRes picture of the patient
>>> You easily find it by burning fume around it :)
> ...
>> found another that was similar enough
> I found some IRC log and it looks like the inductor you need should be
> rated for>= 2MHz and>= 500mA current. But i'm not sure about the
> details, that was so long ago. I just remember that they found
> something that was physically smaller and of similar specs.
> Desoldering with hot air requires expertise, i wouldn't probably
> attempt it myself even now: if you shake the board accidentally,
> you'll shake off other components too.

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