newer navit on qtmoko (shr?)

robin spielraum at
Sun Dec 23 10:04:10 CET 2012


as navit is available for both the debian-squeeze and qtmoko directly but only
in rather old versions I was wondering how much expertise it takes to build
newer packages of one/both of them. So if it was not too complex I would like to
pick it up an publish newer version which I will then try to build on a server.
So if you have any script/idea on how to do so, please let me know and I can try
(eventually I will have a GTA02 and a GTA04 at home, so I would like to build
them for both if it makes a difference (eg armhf)).

best regards


ps: I am all but an expert building packages, so I might need a bit more
detailed help.

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