newer navit on qtmoko (shr?)

francesco.devita at francesco.devita at
Sun Dec 23 11:05:14 CET 2012

Using QtMoko, the easy way IMHO is pinning a newer package of navit from 
the Debian Wheezy repository.
But pay attention that pinning navit from wheezy:
- you'll probably be able to use it from QX but I don't know if it will 
work directly in QtMoko in the framebuffer;
- you'll have to download all its dependencies and/or upgrade some 
packages from Wheezy, and mixing Squeeze with Wheezy could be a problem;

Otherwise, you can compile and make a deb package from navit sources and 
suitable for Squeeze/QtMoko. You'll need tools like:
- dhmake
- dpkg-buildpackage
There are a lot of documentation about it on the net, for example check 
this [1]
But also in this case, using QtMoko, you'll have to check if it will 
work only in X or also in the framebuffer.



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