GTA02 power death

Dmitry Shalnoff shalnoff at
Sun Dec 23 15:13:29 CET 2012

On 23/12/12 08:58, robin wrote:
> I hope you can bring the board back to life! Best of luck for that.

I hope so...

> How satisfied were you with the battery (lifetime / decrease in storage
> capacitance over time?) as it seems to be quite a good bargain.

generally not bad. after 3 years of using original one (and when it 
starts to get quickly off) that was great improvement.

Note that this battery have other protection module and not able to 
report the current and charging level. I have been planned to try to add 
original battery protection module instead, but the new battery made 
really robust and I'm not pretty sure that I want to disassemble it.

However, the other idea is to purchase some more-less similar (by 
dimentions) on aliexpress and try to place it in original case. (the 
original battery disassembling is quite simple)


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