[QtMoko] new apps, feedback

francesco.devita at mailoo.org francesco.devita at mailoo.org
Sun Dec 23 20:24:57 CET 2012

QtMoko v48 on GTA02 here, I tryed some of the new apps added to the 
QtMoko Apps page.
The installation processes all failed with some errors about the 
dependencies, but it was sufficient to install them manually.

Minitube does not work (but I do not expect that it works well on the 
GTA02), launching from Terminal:
 > # ./opt/qtmoko/bin/minitube
 > symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libphonon.so.4: undefined symbol: 

Pingus works but its launcher not:
 > # ./opt/qtmoko/bin/pingus.sh
 > Welcome to Pingus 0.7.2!
 > [...]
 > landscape mode
 > SavegameManager: Parser problem: Couldn't open file 
 > XOpenDisplay() failed
 > Unable to initialize SDL_Mixer: no available audio device
 > Pingus: Unknown throw caught!

To get it work properly I have to manually type in Terminal the lines in 
pingus.sh . But why?

OpenTTD and ScummVM work.

For all the games there is an issue in usability due to the low 
responsiveness of the system because of the landscape mode. Even in QX 
[1], in non landscape mode, the games work better. This is an old 
problem of QtMoko on the GTA02, I don't know on GTA04.
To see the difference you can launch OpenTTD like this:
 > #!/bin/sh
 > #qcop service send RotationManager "setCurrentRotation(int)" 90
 > export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=QtMoko
 > if [ -f ~/.sdlnosound ]
 > then
 >     export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dummy
 > else
 >     export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse
 > fi
 > #export SDL_QT_DEBUG=1
 > export SDL_QT_FS=1
 > openttd -r 480x640
 > #qcop service send RotationManager "setCurrentRotation(int)" 0

Also, since v48 fbreader does not work properly. I mean, like pingus it 
seems it is its launcher, because if I type "FBReader" in Terminal it 
works, otherwise using its launcher the application appears for a second 
and then it disappears. But for this test I updated fbreader from the 
wheezy repos.

Best regards and merry xmas for those who celebrate it!

[1] In QX it is possible to rotate the display with xrandr without 
performance loss. But if you leave QX (AUX button) the QtMoko display is 
all messed up until you terminate the app under X (i.e. if you're 
playing and you receive a call it's almost impossible to press the green 

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