GTA02 for sale on ebay, currently going for $20

Ian Darwin ian at
Sun Dec 30 21:05:13 CET 2012

On 2012-12-30 2:29 PM, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> Does this one have wifi?
> I have whatever version only had bluetooth.
> I'd be quite interested in both if I had a clear path how to run them
> without needing to have the battery (as an always-on touchscreen for
> home automation).. see
Yes, the GTA02 has WiFi. You can see that
and there is a link to some of the software in the "standard" Linux ports.
But just to confirm, I was able to connect it to my home LAN without a 
hitch; the Android-on-FreeRunner port tht I have installed on it at 
present, supports WiFi nicely.

On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 12:44:13PM -0500, Ian Darwin wrote:

> I posted this on eBay hoping the world would beat a path to my door,
> but they don't seem to have; the GTA02 has only gone up to $20 (as
> of Dec 30, 2012) and there's just a few days left on the auction. If
> you've been meaning to pick up a GTA02 (or a spare) for dev or
> testing, this could be a bargain.
> See

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