OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 A6 for Sale

Bernhard Reiter ockham at
Sun Feb 5 03:23:17 CET 2012

I'm selling my OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 A6 for € 150 (I bought it
in August 2008 for € 299).
It had the buzz fix applied by Golden Delicious Computers in June 2009.

It comes with the original stylus, recharger, Transcend 512MB Micro SD
card plus SD adpater, packaging, and battery (which lasts probably not
as long as in the beginning anymore), *plus* a spare one which was only
very rarely used, and a headset.

It's in good (though obviously not mint) condition. I've just flashed it
to a fresh QtMoko v35.
This might also be an interesting purchase for people considering GTA04
currently offered by Golden Delicious Computers.

I'm located in Linz, Austria. I'm willing to ship the phone to locations
in Austria or (most of) Europe at the rates given below. For other
locations, I'd need to calculate the shipping rates before I can agree
to ship there.
Picking it up at my place at no extra cost (and paying cash;-) is also
okay. I might travel to Vienna within the next month, to which I could
also take it, but that's not quite certain yet.

For payment, I'd prefer
• normal money transfer (for which I will provide my IBAN/BIC data); I
will ship an insured package after having received the money, at € 4.30
(Austria) or € 13.50 (Europe).
• or COD (="Nachnahme"), but only after having received at least the
shipping costs by money transfer, which in this case are € 7.80
(Austria) or € 18 (Europe).

For a photo, please see

Please reply directly, as I'm no longer subscribed to this list!

Bernhard Reiter

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