Qtmoko all version : strange segfault

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at free.fr
Mon Feb 6 08:33:10 CET 2012

Hi freerunists !

A friend of mine have a moko that segfault at the beginning of QtMoko 
(all versions). As the logs are empty, it is a bit difficult to track 

Do you know how to activate logs ?

When the firs clock appear when the screen appears, a little black 
square with a carret appears on the top left, and the clock stop turning.
I tried to restart qpe manually, I only see a "segmentation fault" 
message, everything else works great (internals, commnications ...)

Does anybody have an idea of what could the problem be ?
on SHR the same segfault arrives just after boot. I think it might be a 
component error, or filesystem.

Thanks a lot.


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