$100 computers (was: Microtouch)

Gay, John (GE Energy Services, Non-GE) John.Gay at ge.com
Thu Feb 9 13:30:14 CET 2012

>> $100 would also get you Qi Hardware's Nanonote units, which is 
>> comparable to a Raspberry Pi + monitor + keyboard that you can 
>> actually carry in your pocket and use on the go (comes with a Li-ion 
>> battery, runs for ~9 hours in my experience).
>> I have one. I like it. I use it mainly as a smart music-player; I've 
>> also written and run some Python and Scheme programs on it (so, it 
>> makes a nice `programmer's calculator' for, e.g.: solving  recursive 
>> problems).
>> Not sure what others do with theirs.
>> A couple of friends also have them, and it seems to take about
>> 3 days between ordering from Sharism in Hong Kong and having them 
>> arrive on our doorsteps in the US.
>MikroElektronika has variants of this for AVR, ARM and *PIC*  $99
Actually, MikroElectronika seems more along the lines of what I want. I
saw the NanoNote a while back, and I just don't like the Makeup Compact
look of it.

Now to figure out WHICH MikroMedia I want (-= As long as I don't HAVE to
buy the programming environment as well. I'm sure gcc can handle the
task, right?


	John Gay

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