Looking for a GPS only distribution for Freerunner

Guilhem Bonnefille guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 21:57:17 CET 2012


Due to a recent move to N900 (developped in [1]) as main phone, my Neo
Freerunner lost is phone responsibility. In order to avoid storing it
on a shelf, I imagined to convert it as raw in car GPS (sort of open
version of TomTom). In order to exploit the maximum of the hardware, I
imagined to installed a really dedicated distribution, in order to
avoid CPU/RAM lost in unnecessary tasks. As example, I imagined a sort
of Debian base with navit over SDL configured to start just after

Do you know such a project? Someone started similar project? Do you
have any suggestion to start something like this?

I also imagined an evolved version of the project, oriented on IVI (In
Vehicle Infotainment). Something supporting GPS + Bluetooth for
realying sound on car, playing sound or video (for children). But
always with simple goal in order to reduce the load of environment (no
X, no window managing solution...).

Any idea are welcome.

[1] http://nathguil.free.fr/wordpress/?p=519 (fr)

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