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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your answer.

2012/2/27 Frank <frank at>:
> Am 27.02.2012 17:21, schrieb Guilhem Bonnefille:
> I don't really know, what the reason was.
> I think it was a missing device in the gpsd-configuration.
> Other GPS-Apps worked well - but not navit.
> Maybe they use the gps-device without gpsd?
> I had to run
> $ dpkg-reconfigure gpsd
> and set device to "/dev/ttySAV1"
> Is gpsd for gta02 shipped with empty device-entry in .conf?

Strange. Did you run gpsd?
Last time I played with navit in qtmoko, I realized that qtmoko does
not run automatically gpsd. Some packaging work must still be done to
manage gpsd when GPS device is switched on/off and when navit is
started/stopped. As far as I know, NeronGPS uses raw device directly
(does not use gpsd), and directly switch on/off the power for the

At the opposite, navit is really well packaged in SHR. A simple tap on
the navit icon and everithing goes well. Perhaps someone can pick some
ideas from SHR to port them to qtmoko.

Nevertheless, this is all the reason why I wish to start a dedicated
project. A base distribution with just some configuration to:
- power up the device at start time
- save and restore the A-GPS data
- start navit
- some choices to optimize rendering on Freerunner (refresh rate,
detail level...)
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