How to bring forward the community?

Andreas Pokorny andreas.pokorny at
Wed Feb 29 09:05:11 CET 2012


Am 27. Februar 2012 11:51 schrieb Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush at>:
>> So I would like to encourage to share what you are working on
>> (kernel? driver? user space?) and what you think would bring forward
>> the Openmoko community a small or big step.. Any idea is welcome
>> (even if you think we already know about it).
> If anything is welcome then...
> I've left OpenMoko commutiny long ago, but I'm really disapponted by
> today's devices and I want to return. Unfortunately N900 changed my mind
> and now I consider hardware qwerty keyboard not an option but a must.
> I will immediately order any GTA04 successor that will have qwerty
> keyboard.

I was about to write the same thing. I own a HP Pre3 with a keyboard, and
I dont want to miss one on my next phone. But today, the phone droped on
the floor from  a height of one meter. The front glass broke..

That reminded me of my GTA02. I could give the phone to my kids, and nothing
broke. So finally, a tough case and a keyboad :).

Since I'll send the pre3 for repair, I will reactivate the GTA02 again.


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