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Wed Feb 29 09:17:52 CET 2012

El día Wednesday, February 29, 2012 a las 09:05:11AM +0100, Andreas Pokorny escribió:

> > If anything is welcome then...
> >
> > I've left OpenMoko commutiny long ago, but I'm really disapponted by
> > today's devices and I want to return. Unfortunately N900 changed my mind
> > and now I consider hardware qwerty keyboard not an option but a must.
> >
> > I will immediately order any GTA04 successor that will have qwerty
> > keyboard.

a hardware qwerty keyboard consumes a lot of space in the surface of the
device; better would be a fingerfriendly touch screen qwerty or an USB
keyboard which attaches good and stable to the device somehow on the
right side of the FR;

just my 2 pesos cubanos

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