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> I own a similar one
> (
> )
> but I've never been able to use it on my freerunner. I get it paired
> (and some traffic is visible hcidump on SHR) but it never worked as
> input device.
> Did you have any (successful) experience?

I've had a few bluetooth keyboards and a bluetooth mouse paired and
function with my Neo. I can't remember what software rev it was, but if it
works in the cranky old stuff I was using, I'm sure it should work in a
later version.

The instructions, IIRC, were a bit cryptic to get it going, but it works
great. The only complaint I had at the time was that the onscreen keyboard
would sometimes insist on hanging around, and that was eating up way too
much screen real estate.

So, there have been some successes. I might dig my device out of
hibernation and try to give it a bit of love -- if I do, be assured I'll
look at the BT stuff.

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