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> May I ask why you need a (mechanical) keyboard?

Some people like it.
While I do like a mechanical keyboard, I find the ones in most mobile
devices too small. I can touch type, so now I have to relearn all over to
"thumb type", which I don't like so much.

And, onscreen keyboards suck. :S They are fine for typing a few words, but
not e-mails or conversations.

One thing that is important in a mobile device is tradeoffs. The big plus
of such a device is that it can fit in your pocket. I haven't yet seen a
decent keyboard that is foldable (but lots of crap ones).

So, in my opinion, the question shouldn't be "do you want/need a mechanical
keyboard", but rather "would adding this bring the subscription rate over
100%"? If it would, even if it adds to the cost, it's something to
consider. If it's only going to be a feature that will bring subscriptions
along 10%, then it should be something considered for a "future model".

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